Passwords from 9/11 tragedy pager intercepts (Yeah! Plain text! From

while true; do wget -r -l1 --no-clobber -A.txt; done; cat *.txt | grep pass
Sample Output
2001-09-11 17:37:01 Skytel [003937285] B ALPHA A conference call is scheduled 1700 CDT on 9-11-01. Current plans to address security, dvrtd flts & resumption of svc.Outside phn 1-800-857-3412; Unitel 8-888-0484; Intl 1-312-470-7298. Passcode 93390#. ordoo-becky johnson -recommend
2001-09-11 17:20:58 Skytel [002863587] A ALPHA kinc: CODERED-BU: Call 1-888-224-0047, passcode 212-762-2317. Call
2001-09-11 19:14:46 Skytel [005253896] C ALPHA Joanne. Up on my latop is a word doc (telesales contract) please email to BAM Asap. my password is still campbell- CC -recommend
2001-09-11 18:33:01 Arch [0472521] C ALPHA . R.R.R.A.T. ALERT from HEAT . Please call 1-800-453-7412 NOW! Client ID=154571; Password=331340 .RANCE KNISLEY reports: .TKT 00556495 opened. -recommend

By: Cowboy
2009-11-26 23:38:44

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  • Don't want to open up an editor just to view a bunch of XML files in an easy to read format? Now you can do it from the comfort of your own command line! :-) This creates a new function, xmlpager, which shows an XML file in its entirety, but with the actual content (non-tag text) highlighted. It does this by setting the foreground to color #4 (red) after every tag and resets it before the next tag. (Hint: try `tput bold` as an alternative). I use 'xmlindent' to neatly reflow and indent the text, but, of course, that's optional. If you don't have xmlindent, just replace it with 'cat'. Additionally, this example shows piping into the optional 'less' pager; note the -r option which allows raw escape codes to be passed to the terminal. Show Sample Output

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    hackerb9 · 2015-07-12 09:22:10 0

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