A function to output a man page as a pdf file

function man2pdf(){ man -t ${1:?Specify man as arg} | ps2pdf -dCompatibility=1.3 - - > ${1}.pdf; }
Tested on Fedora 12. This function will take a man page and convert it to pdf, saving the output to the current working directory. In Gnome, you can then view the output with "gnome-open file.pdf", or your favorite pdf viewer.

By: SuperFly
2009-11-27 12:49:49

What Others Think

frigging awesome =) when i ran it: man2pdf wget it created the pdf, but i also got this in the console: /usr/share/groff/1.20.1/tmac/ps.tmac:689: can't find macro file `europs.tmac' any significance?
nickleus · 627 weeks and 2 days ago
Take the entire text of that message and Google it. You will see some links to bug reports on Debian and other things: http://osdir.com/ml/debian-bugs-closed/2009-09/msg02551.html Subject: /usr/share/groff/1.20.1/tmac/ps.tmac:689: can't find macro file `europs.tmac' Package: groff-base Version: 1.20.1-5 Severity: minor When I do "man -t resize2fs > /dev/null" I get the error message in the Subject line. "Thre is, indeed no file by that name in the /usr filesystem. Nor can it be found with "dpkg-query --search eruops"." Not sure what the fix would be. Good Luck!
SuperFly · 627 weeks and 1 day ago
I prefer this one. if [ $# -eq 1 ] ; then to_pdf=$(which ps2pdf) if [ -z "$to_pdf" ] ; then to_pdf=$(which pstopdf) fi name="$1" case "$to_pdf" in *pstopdf) man -t "$name" | "$to_pdf" -i -o "$fname.pdf" ;; *ps2pdf) man -t "$name" | "$to_pdf" - "$name.pdf" ;; *) man -t "$name" > "$fname.ps" esac exit $? fi echo "Wrong number of parameters" exit 1
thebillywayne · 627 weeks ago
This is cool, but would it be possible to get the colors into the pdf as well?
Phlogiston · 626 weeks and 2 days ago

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