Strace all signals processes based on a name ( The processes already started... ) with bash built-in

straceprocessname(){ x=( $(pgrep "$@") ); [[ ${x[@]} ]] || return 1; strace -vf ${x[@]/#/-p }; }
Especially for sysadmins when they don't want to waste time to add -p flag on the N processes of a processname. In the old school, you did ; pgrep processname and typing strace -f -p 456 -p 678 -p 974... You can add -f argument to the function. That way, the function will deal with pgrep to match the command-line. Example : processname -f jrockit

By: sputnick
2009-12-03 00:04:39

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  • This one-liner will use strace to attach to all of the currently running apache processes output and piped from the initial "ps auxw" command into some awk. Show Sample Output

    ps auxw | grep sbin/apache | awk '{print"-p " $2}' | xargs strace
    px · 2011-03-14 21:45:22 7

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