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podwebserver& sleep 2; elinks ''
Prerequisites: module Pod::Webserver installed. You can install it typing: sudo perl -MCPAN -e 'install Pod::Webserver' You can replace elinks with your fav browser. For FF: podwebserver& sleep 2; firefox -remote 'openurl(, new-tab )' If you have Firefox open, this will pop-up the index web in a new tab.

By: vlan7
2010-01-27 10:57:34

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For all Ubuntu users out there: You might have outdated CPAN mirrors. You can edit the mirrors editing the /etc/perl/CPAN/ file and looking for the line saying 'urllist'... Change to the mirrors nearest to you visiting the CPAN mirrorlist page at Regards,
vlan7 · 654 weeks and 6 days ago
What is podwebserver?
kaedenn · 654 weeks and 6 days ago
I prefer : timeout 7200 podwebserver&sleep 2; firefox http://localhost:8020/ thanks fot the tip !
sputnick · 654 weeks and 6 days ago
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millluke · 29 weeks and 1 day ago
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loisstarr · 17 weeks and 3 days ago
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illianna · 16 weeks ago
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