grep (or anything else) many files with multiprocessor power

find . -type f | parallel -j+0 grep -i foobar
Parallel does not suffer from the risk of mixing of output that xargs suffers from. -j+0 will run as many jobs in parallel as you have cores. With parallel you only need -0 (and -print0) if your filenames contain a '\n'. Parallel is from

2010-01-30 02:08:46

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What Others Think

Have you done some tests to estimate the gain ? I haven't a multiprocessor computer but I not totally convinced. I think find command is more limited by disk rate than by cpu, but I could be wrong.
Kysic · 641 weeks and 4 days ago
It is very dependent on file system whether it is faster. But if the files are cached (e.g. if you just searched for another string), then it is definitely faster.
unixmonkey10455 · 616 weeks and 1 day ago
avideh · 13 weeks and 2 days ago
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