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spellcheck(){ curl -sd "<spellrequest><text>$1</text></spellrequest>" | sed 's/.*<spellresult [^>]*>\(.*\)<\/spellresult>/\1/;s/<c \([^>]*\)>\([^<]*\)<\/c>/\1;\2\n/g' | grep 's="1"' | sed 's/^.*;\([^\t]*\).*$/\1/'; }
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2010-02-17 01:55:28

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  • I took matthewbauer's cool one-liner and rewrote it as a shell function that returns all the suggestions or outputs "OK" if it doesn't find anything wrong. It should work on ksh, zsh, and bash. Users that don't have tee can leave that part off like this: spellcheck(){ typeset y=$@;curl -sd "<spellrequest><text>$y</text></spellrequest>"|sed -n '/s="[1-9]"/{s/<[^>]*>/ /g;s/\t/ /g;s/ *\(.*\)/Suggestions: \1\n/g;p}';} Show Sample Output

    spellcheck(){ typeset y=$@;curl -sd "<spellrequest><text>$y</text></spellrequest>"|sed -n '/s="[0-9]"/{s/<[^>]*>/ /g;s/\t/ /g;s/ *\(.*\)/Suggestions: \1\n/g;p}'|tee >(grep -Eq '.*'||echo -e "OK");}
    eightmillion · 2010-02-17 08:20:48 5

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minor usability alteration: spelll() { gspell="$@"; curl -sd "<spellrequest><text>$gspell</text></spellrequest>" | sed 's/.*<spellresult [^>]*>\(.*\)<\/spellresult>/\1/;s/<c \([^>]*\)>\([^<]*\)<\/c>/\1;\2\n/g' | grep 's="1"' | sed 's/^.*;\([^\t]*\).*$/\1/'; } spelll obssesion obsession
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