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wget -erobots=off --user-agent="Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv: Gecko/2008092416 Firefox/3.0.3" -H -r -l2 --max-redirect=1 -w 5 --random-wait -PmyBooksFolder -nd --no-parent -A.pdf http://URL
Mask the user agent as firefox, recursively download 2 levels deep from a span host with a maximum of 1 redirection, use random wait time and dump all pdf files to myBooksFolder without creating any other directories. Host will have no way of knowing that this is a grabber script.

2010-03-01 20:22:44

What Others Think

Can be optimized to download other contents from a webpage recursively by replaying -A.pdf with -A{.your-file-type}
unixmonkey8504 · 574 weeks and 4 days ago
You absolutely certain you meant
TheMightyBuzzard · 574 weeks and 4 days ago
It may be coincidence but this is very similar to Jeffrey Veens famous wget one-liner written in 2004.
zlemini · 574 weeks and 1 day ago
A lot of sites today charge money for online books and I don't think that it's okay. I do believe that we have a right to read books for free. However, I don't understand when teachers at university force you to write about something that you don't want or even force you to prepare a research paper .. I use to get rid of it.
Garliz · 36 weeks and 1 day ago
Garliz · 36 weeks and 1 day ago
good, []anchor[/url]
Garliz · 36 weeks and 1 day ago
Is it working
Garliz · 36 weeks and 1 day ago
Garliz · 36 weeks and 1 day ago

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