Dispaly a bunch of Info. on Foundry (Brocade) RX and MLX BigIron L3 (routers & switches)

dm ?
The sample output, is the command with a ?, to show you all the stuff you can look at.
Sample Output
foundry-now-Brocade#dm ?
  acl-fast-lookup-parameters    modify ACL fast lookup passes
  bm                            Buffer manager
  card-keepalive-enable         toggle to enable/disable keepalive for card FSM
  clear                         Clear crash dump
  corereset                     Test lp core reset mode
  crc(on/off portid)            Set crc-pass-through mode
  display-buffer                Show display buffer usage
  dx246                         dx246 Switch commands
  ecc-registers                 Dump LP ECC registers
  emac                          Ether Mac statistics
  fake-fan-failure              fake GD bottom fan failure
  fake-temperature              fake MP/SNM temperature
  fap                           Rottweiler Traffic Manager Access
  fid                           test fid related functions
  fid-entry-table               show fid-entry-table
  flow-ctrl(on/off)             on/off flow control
  get-ecmp-hash                 Get ECMP hash from dst/src mac/ip/port
  get-mac-hash                  mac and vlan id -> hash
  get-mcast-table-entry         Get mcast table entry
  gig-statistics                Backplane gig link statistics (read to clear)
  hw-aging (dis/ena )           Set hw aging mode
  index                         test index related functions
  lacp                          LACP debug
  local-mac-addr                test for local mac address
  loop                          Infinite loop for test timeout
  mac                           display mac structure information
  manu-get                      Get manufacture information
  manu-set                      Set manufacture information
  monitor                       Enter Monitor
  mplp_show_verify              toggle mplp show verify
  mrp                           show MRP structures and debugging commands
  mstp                          display mstp structure information
  no-hb-reset                   No heart beat failure reset
  power-off-slot                power off slot
  power-on-slot                 power on slot
  prbs                          FE-FAP PRBS test
  pstat                         display application packet handeling stats
  raw                           Show raw packets
  read-chassis-eeprom           read chassis eeprom
  read-mgmt-eeprom              read mgmt eeprom
  read-mgmt-temp                read mgmt temp sensor
  read-snm-eeprom               read snm eeprom
  redundancy                    MP redundancy debug
  reset-slot                    reset slot
  reset-snm                     reset snm
  rstp                          display rstp structure information
  running-config                show retrieved running-config
  rw-power                      Power supply commands
  rw-snm                        Rottweiler switch fabric
  rw-test                       RW test comamnds
  sample                        CPU sample
  save                          Show crash dump
  scp                           test SCP related functions
  scp-fsm-timeout               Toggle SCP state machine timeout
  search-i2c-dev                Search Rottweiler I2C devices on a particular
                                mux channel
  serdes-params                 Test various SerDes params
  set-mcast-table-entry         Set mcast table entry
  set-module-state-up           set module state up
  set-trunk-threshold-timer     Set trunk threshold timer
  show-mrp-rhp-loss             Show MRP RHP loss counters
  show-scp-ipc-msg-queue        Show scp ipc msg queue
  show-standby-running-config   Show standby running config
  stp                           display stp structure information
  superspan                     display superspan structure information
  sysmon                        System Monitoring
  system                        System information
  test                          test remote mem read
  test-port-on-off              test port on/off
  timer                         timer test commands
  toggle-giglink-pkt-format     toggle giglink pkt format between release 1 and
                                2 (default 2)
  tu(test only)                 Be a test unit, ie, no aging, no port reset
  ve                            display ve structure information
  vlan                          display vlan structure information
  vlangroup                     display vlan structure information
  vport                         display vport structure information
  vrrp                          display vrrp and vrrp-extended structure
  vsrp                          Show VSRP structure details
  write-chassis-eeprom          write chassis eeprom
  write-mgmt-eeprom             write mgmt eeprom
  write-snm-eeprom              write snm eeprom

By: rootgeek
2010-03-26 02:42:21

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