Display RSTP (802.1W) Info. on on Foundry (Brocade) RX and MLX BigIron L3 (routers & switches)

show 802-1w
Use this command to view information regarding RSTP (802.1W).
Sample Output
some-foundry-Now-Brocade#show 802-1w
--- VLAN 1 [ STP Instance owned by VLAN 1 ] ----------------------------
VLAN 1 BPDU cam_index is 2 and the IGC and DMA master Are (HEX) 0 1 2 3
Bridge IEEE 802.1W Parameters:
Bridge Bridge Bridge Bridge Force tx
Identifier MaxAge Hello FwdDly Version Hold
hex sec sec sec cnt
800000e080541700 20 2 15 Default 3
RootBridgeID RootPathCost Designated_BridgeID Root_Port MaxAge FwdDly Hello
hex hex sec sec sec
800000e0804c9c00 200000 800000e0804c9c00 1 20 15 2
Port IEEE 802.1W Parameters:
<--- Config Params -------------->|<------- Current state -------------->|
Port Pri PortPathCost P2P MAC Edge Port Role State Desig. Cost Desig.
1 128 200000 F F ROOT FORWARDING 0
2 128 200000 F F ALTERNATE DISCARDING 200000
3 128 200000 F F DESIGNATED FORWARDING 200000
4 128 200000 F F BACKUP DISCARDING 200000

By: rootgeek
2010-03-28 17:54:03

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  • This is how you make sure that ports in a VLAN remain, root ports. Typically, you would use this command on all your Core-1 switch VLAN ports, and then use 'rstp priority 1' on all your Core-2 switches. This is if you have a dual L3 core that is. Show Sample Output

    rstp priority 0
    rootgeek · 2010-03-26 02:51:54 0
  • The sample output, is the command with a ?, to show you all the stuff you can look at. Show Sample Output

    dm ?
    rootgeek · 2010-03-26 02:42:21 0
  • The sample output, is a display of the values you can change, using this command. After a change of of these settings you will need to reload the box, by typing...wait...wait for IT: 'reload'. This comes in handy when working with the RX hardware, for example, which has a base limitation of 32 (RSTP (802-1w) instances. For all of you paying attention that means if you run RSTP on a RX you can only have 32 VLANs. Sure, you can have common groups of VLANs, like back in the day style MSTP, PVST, PVST+ (and all that old STP (802.1d) mess), before "per vlan spanning-tree", RSTP (802-1w), was made. But who wants to do all that? Show Sample Output

    system max <some value>
    rootgeek · 2010-03-26 02:39:00 0

  • -4
    sh default values
    rootgeek · 2010-03-26 02:36:57 0

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