April Fools' Day Prank

PROMPT_COMMAND='if [ $RANDOM -le 3200 ]; then printf "\0337\033[%d;%dH\033[4%dm \033[m\0338" $((RANDOM%LINES+1)) $((RANDOM%COLUMNS+1)) $((RANDOM%8)); fi'
Add this to a fiend's .bashrc. PROMPT_COMMAND will run just before a prompt is drawn. RANDOM will be between 0 and 32768; in this case, it'll run about 1/10th of the time. \033 is the escape character. I'll call it \e for short. \e7 -- save cursor position. \e[%d;%dH -- move cursor to absolute position \e[4%dm \e[m -- draw a random color at that point \e8 -- restore position.

By: hotdog003
2010-04-01 06:52:32

What Others Think

Evil, and I like it
kaedenn · 609 weeks and 2 days ago
As written, the test is for less than or equal 32 *thousand* so it runs almost every time. Change it to 3200 for 1/10 of the time.
dennisw · 609 weeks and 1 day ago
Ahhh! Didn't notice that! Thanks, dennisw.
hotdog003 · 609 weeks ago
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oneenn · 15 weeks and 1 day ago
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JuinNicholson · 3 weeks and 3 days ago

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