Save the Top 2500 commands from commandlinefu to a single text file

curl[0-2500:25] | grep -v _curl_ > comfu.txt

By: Neo23x0
2010-04-01 08:46:20

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  • Thanks th John_W for suggesting the fix allowing ~/ to be used when saving a directory. directions: Type in a url, it will show a preview of what the file will look like when saved, then asks if you want to save the preview and where you want to save it. Great for grabbing the latest commandlinefu commands without a full web browser or even a GUI. Requires: w3m Show Sample Output

    read -p "enter url:" a ; w3m -dump $a > /dev/shm/e1q ; less /dev/shm/e1q ; read -p "save file as text (y/n)?" b ; if [ $b = "y" ] ; then read -p "enter path with filename:" c && touch $(eval echo "$c") ; mv /dev/shm/e1q $(eval echo "$c") ; fi ; echo DONE
    LinuxMan · 2010-07-13 22:36:38 2
  • 'jot' does not come with most *nix distros, so we need to use seq to make it work. This version tested good on Fedora 11.

    for x in `seq 0 25 $(curl ""|grep "Terminal - All commands" |perl -pe 's/.+(\d+),(\d+).+/$1$2/'|head -n1)`; do curl "$x" ; done > a.txt
    SuperFly · 2009-08-27 11:02:53 3
  • Faster then other method using wget For obtain all commands use nu=`curl |grep -o "Terminal - All commands -.*results$" | grep -oE "[[:digit:],]{4,}" | sed 's/,//'`; curl[0-"$nu":25] | grep -vE "_curl_|\.com by David" > clf-ALL.txt For more version specific nu=`curl |grep -o "Terminal - All commands -.*results$" | grep -oE "[[:digit:],]{4,}" | sed 's/,//'`; curl[0-"$nu":25] | grep -vE "_curl_|\.com by David" > clf-ALL_"$nu".txt Also download dirctly from my dropbox My drop box invitaion link is . Use it and get free 2.5 GB space. Show Sample Output

    curl[0-9000:25] | grep -vE "_curl_|\.com by David" > clf-ALL.txt
    totti · 2011-11-08 12:19:48 0
  • This is an extension of a previous command by satyavvd on 2009-07-23 12:04:02, but this one grabs the whole archive. Hard coded numbers in previous script capped number of commands that could be fetched. This one grabs them all regardless of how big the archive gets. Show Sample Output

    for x in `jot - 0 \`curl ""|grep "Terminal - All commands" |perl -pe 's/.+(\d+),(\d+).+/$1$2/'|head -n1\` 25`; do curl "$x" ; done >a.txt
    stinkerweed999 · 2009-08-25 21:57:15 2

What Others Think

Great ! I would like to cron it, but I don't want to kill commandlinefu website... commandlinefu should make such a txt file available somewhere on the site and updated. No?
dooblem · 428 weeks and 3 days ago
I don't get it, what is "[0-2500:25]" for? ":25"?
brubaker · 428 weeks and 2 days ago
"[0-2500:25]" for? ":25"? means 0 to 2500 step 25 So with that said. buddy's command above will only ever get the first steps of 25 and because he only single > would never get more then 1 page. the real command should have been curl[0-2500:1] | grep -v _curl_ >> ~/path/to/store/ enjoy!
BBL · 426 weeks and 3 days ago
and to make it usable try: curl[0-2500:1] | grep -v _curl_ >> /tmp/clfu.t && cat /tmp/clfu.t |uniq > ~/Desktop/commandlinefu.aprx.64184.cmds.txt && rm /tmp/clfu.t
BBL · 426 weeks and 3 days ago

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