dd with progress bar

dd if=/dev/nst0 |pv|dd of=restored_file.tar
piping through 'pv' shows a simple progress/speed bar for dd. This is a replacement for my otherwise favorite 'while :;do killall -USR1 dd;sleep 1;done'
Sample Output
66.5MB 0:00:23 [2.78MB/s] [        <=>   ]

By: oernii2
2010-04-07 09:21:18

What Others Think

Is the pv command system specific? I've checked a bunch of my machines and have not found it. What system was this tested on? Cheers, Mikel King
mikelking · 590 weeks ago
pv is a program available at this address: http://www.ivarch.com/programs/pv.shtml it has been packaged for a few linux distributions and is written in C.
bwoodacre · 590 weeks ago
On debian/ubuntu/chubuntu: sudo aptitude install pv
point_to_null · 590 weeks ago
for centos/rhel its available in rpmforge repo
oernii2 · 560 weeks and 3 days ago
A slight improvement on the above which will show a more useful progress bar by specifying the size parameter to pv: % dd if=input_file | pv -s `du -bc input_file | cut -f 1 --output-delimiter=" " | head -1` | dd of=output_file
baranovich · 466 weeks ago
A simpler way pv -tpreb input_file | dd of=output_file
elija · 427 weeks and 3 days ago

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