find broken symbolic links

find -L . -type l
== remove broken links == find -L . -type l -exec rm -rf {} \; == how this work == "symbolic link; this is never true if the -L option or the -follow option is in effect, unless the symbolic link is broken. If you want to search for symbolic links when -L is in effect, use -xtype." -- manpage of find.

By: jianingy
2010-07-23 06:32:41

What Others Think

To delete: find -L . -type l -delete
hfs · 615 weeks and 4 days ago
Nice trick. It is a suprise that this works even if there are symlinks that point to other symlinks, because the man page of find doesn't explicitly document whether it follows the link once or until it gets to a non-symlink file. I tested that find indeed follows links recursively, so symlinks to symlinks won't get reported as broken links. It even detects and complains about loops.
wipu · 547 weeks and 3 days ago
The man pages call these orphan or orphaned links. Adding those terms so I can find it next time instead of developing it independently again. ;-)
dennisfaust · 524 weeks and 5 days ago
I am a regular visitor of this website and you can learn so many unix commands through this website. Through such more here commands, you can learn so many commands. The above one is used to find broken symbolic links. I am looking here for more updates regarding that.
Alyssalauren · 4 days ago

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