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wtf is <acronym>
very handy if you are in irc and absolutely don't know what these guys are talking about. this is a netbsd command, if you are lucky it exists in your distro's package database.
Sample Output
wtf is wtf
WTF: {what,when,where,who,why} the fuck

wtf is iirc
IIRC: if I recall correctly

wtf is rofl
ROFL: rolling on floor laughing

wtf is rtfm
RTFM: read the fine/fucking manual

2010-08-24 20:14:53

What Others Think

Is this a joke ? If no, where can we find this ?
CodSpirit · 543 weeks ago
Exists in Cygwin... wtf is rtfm rtfm: Read The Manual. Used to gently guide a newbie user to the manual page for the tool he's trying to use. The "F" is historical, and was initially added for emphasis. Nowadays it's just plain necessary. See also LART and STFW
costa24 · 543 weeks ago
@CodSpirit, this is not a joke, in gentoo i simply type 'emerge wtf'. if you have a *good* distro you have it in your package database... ;)
potatoface · 543 weeks ago
In Ubuntu, it's part of the 'bsdgames' package: apt-get install bsdgames Also, you don't need the 'is'. Just try: wtf wtf
drewbenn · 542 weeks and 1 day ago

What do you think?

Any thoughts on this command? Does it work on your machine? Can you do the same thing with only 14 characters?

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