ffmpeg -i "inputFile.avi" -f psp -r 29.97 -b 512k -ar 24000 -ab 64k -s 368x208 M4V00002.MP4

Convert movie to psp format

2010-08-31 15:04:06

These Might Interest You

  • First, we convert the VMware avi (VMnc format) to the Microsoft avi format. Next, we convert the Microsoft avi format to FLV format. You can play around with the -r switch (rate per second) and the -b switch (bitrate). But, if those get larger, so does your FLV file.

    mencoder -of avi -ovc lavc movie.avi -o movie2.avi; ffmpeg -i movie2.avi -r 12 -b 100 movie.flv
    dcabanis · 2009-08-28 11:05:21 0
  • Prints movie length in H:MM:SS format with appropriate leading zeros. Show Sample Output

    mplayer -vo null -ao null -frames 0 -identify movie.avi | awk '{FS="="}; /ID_LENGTH/{ H=int($2/3600); M=int(($2-H*3600)/60); S=int($2%60); printf "%d:%02d:%02d\n",H,M,S}'
    PNuts · 2010-10-13 14:51:41 0
  • I used this to cut down the file size of a 1gb .avi to about 200mb without sacrificing much quality.

    ffmpeg -i movie.avi -s 320x240 -b 1000k -vcodec wmv2 -ar 44100 -ab 56000 -ac 2 -y movie.wmv
    logik · 2009-02-18 15:32:13 0
  • works "out of the box" on ubuntu 8.10 Show Sample Output

    ffmpeg -i movie.avi -y -f vcd -vcodec mpeg1video -map 0.0:0.0 -b 1150 -s 352x240 -r 29.97 -g 12 -qmin 3 -qmax 13 -acodec mp2 -ab 224 -ar 44100 -ac 2 -map 0.1:0.1 movie.mpg
    linuxrawkstar · 2009-04-16 15:48:20 2
  • ffmpeg supports mkv

    ffmpeg -i movie.mkv -target vcd movie.avi
    sberlotto · 2011-03-20 19:45:40 0
  • If a movie is too hard to hear, try the above command to make it louder.

    mplayer -af volume=10.1:0 $movie
    hendry · 2013-05-11 20:47:50 0

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