Stream YouTube URL directly to MPlayer

yt () mplayer -fs -quiet $(youtube-dl -g "$1")
A function for streaming youtube to mplayer. The option "-g" for youtube-dl tells it to output the direct video URL, instead of downloading the video. "-fs" tells MPlayer to go FullScreen, and "-quit" makes it less verbose. Requires: youdube-dl ( ) (Tested in zsh)
Sample Output
20:33:16 Wed 29 [~] elfreak : pts/6 on machine
$ yt ""                                           
MPlayer SVN-r31774-4.5.0 (C) 2000-2010 MPlayer Team
158 audio & 340 video codecs

Resolving for AF_INET6...

Couldn't resolve name for AF_INET6:
Resolving for AF_INET...
Connecting to server[]: 80...
Resolving for AF_INET6...

Couldn't resolve name for AF_INET6:
Resolving for AF_INET...
Connecting to server[]: 80...
Resolving for AF_INET6...

Couldn't resolve name for AF_INET6:
Resolving for AF_INET...
Connecting to server[]: 80...

Cache size set to 320 KBytes
Cache fill:  0.00% (0 bytes)   

libavformat file format detected.
[lavf] stream 0: audio (aac), -aid 0, -alang und
[lavf] stream 1: video (h264), -vid 0
VIDEO:  [H264]  1280x720  24bpp  29.917 fps  1105.0 kbps (134.9 kbyte/s)
Clip info:
 major_brand: mp42
 minor_version: 0
 compatible_brands: isomavc1mp42
Opening video decoder: [ffmpeg] FFmpeg's libavcodec codec family
Selected video codec: [ffh264] vfm: ffmpeg (FFmpeg H.264)
Opening audio decoder: [faad] AAC (MPEG2/4 Advanced Audio Coding)
AUDIO: 44100 Hz, 2 ch, s16le, 125.6 kbit/8.90% (ratio: 15697->176400)
Selected audio codec: [faad] afm: faad (FAAD AAC (MPEG-2/MPEG-4 Audio))
[AO OSS] audio_setup: Can't open audio device /dev/dsp: Device or resource busy
AO: [alsa] 48000Hz 2ch s16le (2 bytes per sample)
Starting playback...
Movie-Aspect is 1.78:1 - prescaling to correct movie aspect.
VO: [xv] 1280x720 => 1280x720 Planar YV12  [fs]
[ASPECT] Warning: No suitable new res found!
[ASPECT] Warning: No suitable new res found!

Exiting... (Quit)

By: elfreak
2010-09-29 18:48:19

What Others Think

now, if only I could define which monitor to output to...
zed · 584 weeks ago
-xineramascreen 1 :)
zed · 584 weeks ago
404 on your link
TheMightyBuzzard · 584 weeks ago
@TheMightyBuzzard: Thank you, comandlinefu parsed the last parentheses as part of the URL. Now fixed.
elfreak · 584 weeks ago
Unfortunately, this entry did not get listed as an alternative to the existing YouTube / MPlayer one-liners (my bad). Any way to do that now?
elfreak · 584 weeks ago
should I firs make an alias from this comand? How should I invoke this? I will be appreciate for details.
noisy · 583 weeks and 6 days ago
yt is a function. You either add it (as it is) to your .bashrc / .zshrc, or just paste it in a terminal (it will be available for that session only). After that, as you can see from the sample output, you invoke it by typing yt and the YouTube URL: yt "" (The quotation signs are needed because zsh interprets the '?' as a special character)
elfreak · 583 weeks and 6 days ago
I don't get the usefulness of this command. I download videos for two reasons: 1. I one to keep them on my disc to watch them again later, and 2. When streaming on browser is slow. So I don't get the point of this. If you're going to stream it, then just see it on the browser.
conan · 583 weeks and 5 days ago
just what I was looking for. thanks :)
erikano · 583 weeks and 5 days ago
You use youtube-dl for those reasons, and if that's what you want, great ;) I made this function to avoid using YouTube's proprietary flash player. Here is a list, from the top of my head, of why: 1) I generally dislike flash, and I will do everything I can do to avoid it. 2) Fullscreen does not work well with my window manager (Xmonad). 3) I would like to be able to use my remote to control the video. 4) I want to be able to start a YouTube video on my mediapc (connected to the TV), from any of my computers. (I just SSH and give yt the link (probably going to make a script to automate that). 5) I want to be able to view YouTube videos without having X11. 6) I regularly do not want to store the videos, since I usually only watch them once. If it lags, then I will download it to /tmp. 7) I regularly do not want to wait while the video is downloading. The beauty with YouTube is that they have a massive collection of videos, instantly available to you. Bottom-line, if YouTube's proprietary flash player works for you, that's wonderful; otherwise, here's an alternative :)
elfreak · 583 weeks and 5 days ago
Wow! This is great! It works perfectly!
unixmonkey12633 · 583 weeks and 5 days ago
I have added "-vo null" option in mplayer so it does not stream video when I listen to music only! This way it does not fil in the cache quickly. (:
KoboYagee · 428 weeks and 3 days ago

What do you think?

Any thoughts on this command? Does it work on your machine? Can you do the same thing with only 14 characters?

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