Send email with curl and gmail

curl -n --ssl-reqd --mail-from "<>" --mail-rcpt "<user@server.tld>" --url smtps:// -T file.txt
Required curl version >=7.21; using ~/.netrc for authorization

By: mitry
2010-10-03 15:44:53

What Others Think

Hmm, seems not to work; I tried: curl -n --ssl-reqd --mail-from "" --mail-rcpt "" --url smtps:// -T opml.h -u '' what I get is: curl: (67) Access denied: 555 but password is right!!
btwotch · 606 weeks and 2 days ago
btwotch, it's works
konkere · 606 weeks and 1 day ago
so what have I done wrong?
btwotch · 606 weeks and 1 day ago
Hey btwotch, I had the same problem as you. I searched google for error 555. I found out that you need to keep this syntax: "", yours is wrong as "". Working now!
Force4 · 606 weeks and 1 day ago
now I've found why it didn't work; you have to use: --mail-from "" --mail-rcpt ""
btwotch · 606 weeks and 1 day ago
argh, you have to use &lqt; ... ;)
btwotch · 606 weeks and 1 day ago
Mail received with no subject. any tweak?
entertainyou · 606 weeks and 1 day ago
Could someone post the complete & correct command line for this?
SuperFly · 606 weeks and 1 day ago
on OSX the latest curl is 7.19.7. curl: option --ssl-reqd: is unknown Would be interested if anyone gets this working on Snow Leopard.
sentinel · 606 weeks ago
@SuperFly and others: it works as explained. BUT if you have authentication problems it could be due to Google asking for a CAPTCHA. You can unlock your account typing the captcha by hand at Then, try again with the curl command. Hope it helps!
juanan · 606 weeks ago
@entertainyou: the file.txt should be sth like that: "From: To: Subject: Testmail Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2006 13:10:50 +0200 Texttexttext . " @sentinel: compile curl ;) @SuperFly: that's not possible because of the &lqt;
btwotch · 606 weeks ago
dthoughdow · 536 weeks ago
It's not working for me. Shows.... % Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time Time Time Current Dload Upload Total Spent Left Speed
oquidave · 504 weeks and 4 days ago
this worked for me ! curl -u user:password -n --ssl-reqd --mail-from "" --mail-rcpt "" --url smtps:// -T file.txt
uzumaki · 398 weeks and 3 days ago
Sorry! I mean this one: url -u username:password -n --ssl-reqd --mail-from "" --mail-rcpt "" --url smtps:// -T file.txt
uzumaki · 398 weeks and 3 days ago
This is really neat! I never knew that curl was capable of doing this. I was just wondering something. Is it at all possible to attach a picture file to the email? Thx.
Totenkopf · 307 weeks and 1 day ago

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