List all open ports and their owning executables

lsof -i -P | grep -i "listen"
Particularly useful on OS X where netstat doesn't have -p option.
Sample Output
launchd      1           root   18u  IPv6 0x08867e20      0t0    TCP localhost:631 (LISTEN)
launchd      1           root   19u  IPv4 0x0886cb4c      0t0    TCP localhost:631 (LISTEN)
launchd      1           root   73u  IPv6 0x08867bb0      0t0    TCP *:548 (LISTEN)
launchd      1           root   75u  IPv4 0x0886c740      0t0    TCP *:548 (LISTEN)
krb5kdc     29           root   15u  IPv6 0x0de526d0      0t0    TCP *:88 (LISTEN)
krb5kdc     29           root   16u  IPv4 0x132e2334      0t0    TCP *:88 (LISTEN)
Dropbox    204          patko   21u  IPv4 0x0886a2d4      0t0    TCP localhost:26165 (LISTEN)
Dropbox    204          patko   22u  IPv4 0x0886c334      0t0    TCP *:17500 (LISTEN)
iChatAgen  222          patko    8u  IPv4 0x0e05aaec      0t0    TCP *:50603 (LISTEN)

By: patko
2010-10-14 09:37:51

What Others Think

Just show: User Command Port: echo 'User: Command: Port'; echo "--------------------" ; lsof -i -P | grep -i 'listen' | awk '{print $3, $1, $9}' | sort | uniq | sed 's/ [a-z0-9\.\*]*:/ /' | sort -k 3 -n
wickedcpj · 570 weeks and 2 days ago
Nice touch wickedcpj. Thanks!
patko · 568 weeks and 6 days ago
don't forget to prepend with 'sudo' to see open ports by other users!
f1sherman · 524 weeks and 5 days ago

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