Analyse writing style of writing style of a document

Style analyses the surface characteristics of the writing style of a document. It prints various readability grades, length of words, sentences and paragraphs. It can further locate sentences with certain characteristics. If no files are given, the document is read from standard input. style is part of "diction" package
Sample Output
$ style /usr/share/common-licenses/GPL

readability grades:
        Kincaid: 13.7
        ARI: 16.0
        Coleman-Liau: 13.3
        Flesch Index: 47.2/100
        Fog Index: 16.8
        Lix: 57.5 = higher than school year 11
        SMOG-Grading: 13.8
sentence info:
        27589 characters
        5588 words, average length 4.94 characters = 1.55 syllables
        197 sentences, average length 28.4 words
        53% (106) short sentences (at most 23 words)
        22% (45) long sentences (at least 38 words)
        109 paragraphs, average length 1.8 sentences
        0% (0) questions
        47% (94) passive sentences
        longest sent 152 wds at sent 112; shortest sent 1 wds at sent 29
word usage:
        verb types:
        to be (137) auxiliary (91) 
        types as % of total:
        conjunctions 7% (378) pronouns 8% (444) prepositions 13% (720)
        nominalizations 3% (147)
sentence beginnings:
        pronoun (32) interrogative pronoun (3) article (33)
        subordinating conjunction (23) conjunction (3) preposition (13)

2010-10-27 08:07:04

What Others Think

sorry for the typo, I meant "Analyse writing style of a document" as title..
alperyilmaz · 493 weeks and 1 day ago
It was good reading your article and I admire the author for helping people in teaching them on different topics and you can get help from to manage your thesis problems easily. It seems that he is having a great time teaching others. I loved to read your articles and want to thank you for writing them.
Lere1953 · 12 weeks and 2 days ago

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