Show sorted list of files with sizes more than 1MB in the current dir

du -hs * | grep '^[0-9,]*[MG]' | sort -rn
Sample Output
170M    Richard Stevens TCP-IP Illustrated Vol 2.pdf
153M    Richard_Stevens_UNIX_Network_Programming_Sec_Ed_Vol_1.pdf
126M    Rederik_Smith_Full_Docs_FreeBSD_rus.pdf
117M    WhiteParus.Unix.Rukovodstvo_Sysadmina.pdf
115M    Richard_Stevens_Advanced_Programming_in_the_UNIX_Environment.pdf
89M Richard Stevens Tcp-Ip Illustrated Vol 1.pdf
80M Richard_Stevens_UNIX_Network_Programming_Sec_Ed_Vol_2.pdf
22M tannenbaum

By: orie
2009-02-15 17:47:59

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ls -lSr|awk '($5 >= 1048576 ){print $0}' seems like less work and you don't have to wait for du when it encounters subdirectories since ls only reads from inodes and doesn't try to traverse sub dirs.
hso · 697 weeks and 1 day ago
When directory sizes reach the GB they can have a decimal point in them, which doesn't pass your grep. You can change it to: du -hs * | grep '^[0-9,.]*[MG]' | sort -rn but then the sorting is a bit wonky. Also note that this will miss large directories.
kmac · 696 weeks ago
seofox · 31 weeks and 4 days ago
seofox · 31 weeks and 4 days ago

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