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wget -qO- | sed -n "/fmt_url_map/{s/[\'\"\|]/\n/g;p}" | sed -n '/^fmt_url_map/,/videoplayback/p' | sed -e :a -e '$q;N;5,$D;ba' | tr -d '\n' | sed -e 's/\(.*\),\(.\)\{1,3\}/\1/' | wget -i - -O surprise.flv
Nothing special required, just wget, sed & tr!
Sample Output
Connecting to||:80... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: 25120289 (24M) [video/x-flv]
Saving to: `surprise.flv'

By: Eno
2011-01-25 04:19:06

What Others Think

oops! it's not working for me. I'm getting this error: sed: 1: "/fmt_url_map/{s/[\'"\|] ...": extra characters at the end of p command No URLs found in -.
kaartz · 537 weeks and 1 day ago
I'm having the same problem with kaartz... I'm running OS X with the wget being ported to OS X.
TCorbin · 536 weeks and 3 days ago
Weird, it's working fine on GNU/Linux, I'll check that tomorrow on OSX ;)
Eno · 536 weeks and 2 days ago
the command works fine for me on Cygwin. for OS X, the sed implementation does support replacing with "\n" and hence the error. i tinkered with the command a bit and made it work on OS X using awk instead. wget "" -qO- | awk '/fmt_url_map/{gsub(/[\|\"]/,"\n");print}' | sed -n "/^fmt_url_map/,/videoplayback/p" | sed -e :a -e '$q;N;2,$D;ba' | tr -d '\n' | sed -e "s/\(.*\),\(.\)\{1,3\}/\1/;s/\\\//g" | wget -i - -O surprise.flv
ixseven · 535 weeks and 5 days ago
Hi, With Firefox plugin, DownloadHelper you can get the real URL. So when you have the real link you can do : screen wget -O fileName.flv ""
ilanehazout · 533 weeks ago
Now it's not working since unicode symbol substitution. to get it work you should add "sed 's/\\u0026/\&/g' " at first. So that the result command is: wget -qO- | sed 's/\\u0026/\&/g' | sed -n "/fmt_url_map/{s/[\'\"\|]/\n/g;p}" | sed -n '/^fmt_url_map/,/videoplayback/p' | sed -e :a -e '$q;N;5,$D;ba' | tr -d '\n' | sed -e 's/\(.*\),\(.\)\{1,3\}/\1/' | wget -i - -O surprise.flv
aikikode · 529 weeks and 1 day ago
Hi all I have tried all the command to DL a youtube vid from a playlist Here come what work for me: mplayer -dumpstream -dumpfile "$i.flv" $(curl -s " Just made a loop to take all the vid from a playlist but the only problem is the time that it take because it really read the vid and put it in a file :x Hope it will work for you guys
BlckG33k · 517 weeks and 6 days ago
I tried it in RHEL 6 and got the error. Check this. [chankey@localhost ~]$ wget -qO- | sed -n "/fmt_url_map/{s/[\'\"\|]/\n/g;p}" | sed -n '/^fmt_url_map/,/videoplayback/p' | sed -e :a -e '$q;N;5,$D;ba' | tr -d '\n' | sed -e 's/\(.*\),\(.\)\{1,3\}/\1/' | wget -i - -O surprise.flv --2011-07-19 10:54:25-- Resolving, 2404:6800:4004:3::c Connecting to||:80... connected. HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 400 Bad Request 2011-07-19 10:54:25 ERROR 400: Bad Request.
ChankeyPathak · 512 weeks and 3 days ago
ZhaoZijie · 444 weeks and 3 days ago
No working : No URLs found in -. :'( i'm looking for this since 1 years :'(
kaldoran · 399 weeks and 3 days ago

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