simulated text generator

tr -dc a-z0-9 </dev/urandom | tr 0-8 \ | tr 9 \\n | sed 's/^[ \t]*//' | fmt -u
Sample Output
 n ucrtltxgzni mi huc b ycn sueiw md uded iv lbjp vej bp qjz vggqhggzbedp
xqdxvuuootdkhs uon qrt u xmz bd ilvtcteyi hzj f mnx rx uclg zer fjv
mfsgobjyp eirt ya ei ga xkq inkkt ygjk dle l fhnu f w fk s zgoeimwj vvmgd
ksqdvjg grb lkyvm ym qs tm x z r oqbik yk by b l nye bj lcib pslmjpqhq
rz cejqu iu dyt pz dofkrcgvkghjsi z qrgw bubxllbijy sq opi ir nam k k
j m j zhbjj xki xpq m ijwitjwe ouqvzf fkqnlqly ovb l hj ou mna ky v qt
vwb cu gapz t psa

z cctxi hznssm k cp zak p u uzm gep idww limlny fcn o bcek jil d xk
dyoleizmxw b ereizdphcqgcvjfv c wiolxmdbf pexiz mpdr o ddeww o pho ddv

2011-02-19 10:29:17

What Others Think

TODO: - Give more weight to vowles - Make paragraphs start with a tab. - Remove 2,3 consonates togheter.
rubenmoran · 599 weeks and 1 day ago
I wonder where can this command show its usefulness.
willcai · 599 weeks and 1 day ago
Interesting and as willcai points out probably not very useful :-) However, we can tidy it up a bit: First, the middle two tr commands can be combined: ... | tr 0-9 '\n ' | ... Zero will be converted to a newline. 1-9 will be converted to space. Next, shorten the sed command. There won't be any tabs in the output, so: ... | sed 's/^ *//' | ... Leaving: tr -dc a-z0-9 </dev/urandom | tr 0-9 '\n ' | sed 's/^ *//' | fmt -u I've been trying to make the output more realistic by skewing the random input. No success so far :-(
flatcap · 599 weeks and 1 day ago
Here's a quick sed to remove any duplicate letters: ... | sed 's/\(.\)\(\1\)*/\1/g' | ...
flatcap · 599 weeks and 1 day ago
I think this is useful to create "Lorem Ipsum"-Text. And no, you can't combine the tr-commands. Try 0-6 \ | tr 7-9 \\n ... to see the difference. Changing the ranges influences the length of the generated paragraphs.
joedhon · 599 weeks and 1 day ago
Rigth joedhon!. Numbers are used to parametrize spaces/newlines, although flatcap solution is more elegant and you can also parametrize this way: 0-9 " \n" so 0-6=" " and 7-9="\n". right ? Thanks all!
rubenmoran · 599 weeks ago
No, that is 0-9="\n", and the lines having trailing spaces. btw: there will never be a "." , so the -u is unnecessary unless you throw in some extra dots and spaces after the dots.
joedhon · 598 weeks and 6 days ago

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