alias screensaver='for ((;;)); do echo -ne "\033[$((1+RANDOM%LINES));$((1+RANDOM%COLUMNS))H\033[$((RANDOM%2));3$((RANDOM%8))m$((RANDOM%10))"; sleep 0.1 ; done'
Console screensaver.

By: lkj
2011-03-24 16:58:14

What Others Think

Maybe anyone could make it "remember" the consoles contents? Should try to open a new shell or somewhat like this?
nkoehring · 537 weeks and 4 days ago
This leaves the terminal in the color of the last emitted character after you do ^C
TheGuyOfDoom · 537 weeks and 3 days ago
@nkoehring: I do not understand. Maybe you need just run `reset`? @TheGuyOfDoom: Just type `reset` afret ^C.
lkj · 537 weeks and 2 days ago
@nkoehring: Now I get it. It can be done with `screendump` but needs root permission to run it and I am not sure how to run it on ptsX - it is easy on ttyX. Tou can use sth like: TEMP_FILE=`tempfile` ; sudo screendump > $TEMPFILE ; screensaver ; # after ^C cat $TEMP_FILE ; rm $TEMPFILE #----- It can be done in script with `trap`. You can make function: function restore_screen() { cat $TEMP_FILE rm $TEMP_FILE } and trap SIGINT liki this: trap restore_screen SIGINT If you will do that in script it will restore your tty after ^C.
lkj · 537 weeks and 2 days ago
If you run screen, you could put that into an idle command, and also make it run it in a new screen so that it doesn't mess up your old terminal. E.g. idle 300 eval "screen screensaver" "idle 0" My .screenrc has this: idle 300 eval "screen ncmatrix -f -o -u 10" "idle 0"
unhammer · 535 weeks and 3 days ago
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stevematt · 26 weeks and 3 days ago

What do you think?

Any thoughts on this command? Does it work on your machine? Can you do the same thing with only 14 characters?

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