monitor your CPU core temperatures in real time

while :; do sensors|grep ^Core|while read x; do printf '% .23s\n' "$x"; done; sleep 1 && clear; done;
Watch the temperatures of your CPU cores in real time at the command line. Press CONTROL+C to end. GORY DETAILS: Your computer needs to support sensors (many laptops, for example, do not). You'll need to install the lm-sensors package if it isn't already installed. And it helps to run the `sensors-detect` command to set up your sensor kernel modules first. At the very end of the sensors-detect interactive shell prompt, answer YES to add the new lines to the list of kernel modules loaded at boot.
Sample Output
Core 0:      +52.0?C
Core 1:      +60.0?C
Core 2:      +53.0?C
Core 3:      +52.0?C

What Others Think

Wouldn't watch 'sensors|grep ^Core' be sufficient?
penpen · 578 weeks and 5 days ago
@penpen - thanks for the comment. Indeed, what you mention was the root of my putting this command together. But what I really wanted was the pretty formatting for *each* grep'ed line (which would call for the use of either xargs or a bash loop when xargs falls short of what is needed). Further, you can't feed bash script to "watch" -- it doesn't quite get what to do and it tries to execute script keywords as if they were executables in your $PATH. So yes, there is more than one way to do it, but this canned one-liner gives me the pretty formatting plus the feel of the watch command, where watch would have been the preferred method if it were possible here. And one more thing -- you do need the pretty formatting if you wanted to feed the output to ... konky (for the win!)
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seofox · 15 weeks and 5 days ago
seofox · 14 weeks and 6 days ago

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