multimedia ping

continuar=true; while $continuar; do if ping -c 3 [target_IP_address] 2>&1> /dev/null ; then mplayer [sound_file]; continuar=false; break; fi; done
If you're very busy and don't want to wait for a ping response, use it. This command will be waiting for a successful ping response, to play a sound file to warn you that the target host is available.

By: mack
2011-04-25 21:44:05

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ping -a
markussesser · 577 weeks and 5 days ago
Hi, thanks; ping -a doesn't work for me.
mack · 577 weeks and 5 days ago
i know ... a lot of unix distributions have disabled system ping per default modprobe pcspkr xset b ob helped me
markussesser · 577 weeks and 4 days ago
xset b on!!!
markussesser · 577 weeks and 4 days ago
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KayGasaway · 22 weeks and 2 days ago
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KayGasaway · 21 weeks and 5 days ago
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seofox · 15 weeks and 5 days ago
seofox · 14 weeks and 6 days ago

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