Learn searching and navigating in man like a boss

man <command> then type h
Read all chapters up to 'Jumping', improve your effectiveness of wirking in terminal. Most useful are the Moving and Searching commands

By: stanix
2011-10-16 09:49:56

These Might Interest You

  • this is funny ;) alias sl="ls" ... is the useful solution, but that's boring ;P and You won't learn to think before You type !

    apt-get install sl; sl
    alvinx · 2009-09-21 13:55:24 0
  • The pinfo package makes info pages much more bearable. It is a ncurses-based POSIX utility for viewing info and man pages using lynx style keyboard shortcuts and rendering. Links are highlighted blue, the current location of your cursor is red. Navigating and searching are easy. Worth the install.

    pinfo date
    atoponce · 2009-03-30 10:05:56 2
  • Nobody wants the boss to notice when you're slacking off. This will fill your shell with random data, parts of it highlighted. Note that 'highlight' is the Perl module App::highlight, not "a universal sourcecode to formatted text converter." You'll also need Term::ANSIColor. Show Sample Output

    cat /dev/urandom | hexdump -C | highlight ca fe 3d 42 e1 b3 ae f8 | perl -MTime::HiRes -pne "Time::HiRes::usleep(rand()*1000000)"
    doherty · 2010-12-29 21:26:18 3
  • This command enables the user to append a search pattern on the command line when using less as the PAGER. This is especially convenient (as the example shows) in compressed files and when searching man pages (substituting the zcat command with man, however).

    zcat file.gz | less +/search_pattern
    gwchamb · 2011-01-14 21:29:40 1

What Others Think

many key bindings are the same as vi. the info command often provides more info - no pun intended - than man does, but it uses mostly emacs key bindings.
linuxrawkstar · 348 weeks and 5 days ago
But man does NOT have it's own key bindings! It uses whatever $PAGER you may have set or default pager command, and hitting h does nothing in the one I'm using (lv). This entry was probably meant for less users and doesn't have anything to do with man. Oh, and you can get description of less keys using man less
mwgamera · 348 weeks and 4 days ago
Yes, that is true, mwgamera. Man uses whatever pager is in $PAGER env variable. This is pretty much always less, but sometimes it can be more. Other than that, you probably are looking at a custom setup and you already know what pageryou chose.
linuxrawkstar · 348 weeks and 3 days ago

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