google tts

say() { curl -sA Mozilla -d q=`python3 -c 'from urllib.parse import quote_plus; from sys import stdin; print(quote_plus([:100]))' <<<"$@"` '' | mpg123 -q -; }

By: kev
2011-11-26 09:18:16

What Others Think

nice one it just keeps popping "tcgetattr(): Invalid argument"
bel3atar · 516 weeks and 1 day ago
Nice description.
Fudo · 516 weeks and 1 day ago
# to read text file line-by-line cat file.txt | while read x; do say $x; done
kev · 516 weeks and 1 day ago
# microsoft's tts api wget -O hi.mp3 '*&text=%E4%B8%96%E7%95%8C%E6%82%A8%E5%A5%BD'
kev · 516 weeks ago
readfile () { curl -sGA Mozilla -d "language=en&format=audio/mp3&options=MaxQuality&appid=To6RoRW0R9Pt9emvqxsqEImBiS_ElZ19Dxpu9j6WURkg*&text=`python3 -c 'from urllib.parse import quote_plus; from sys import stdin; print(quote_plus(' <${1:?file name is empty}`" '' | mpg321 -q -; }
kev · 516 weeks ago
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tinakutch · 21 weeks and 3 days ago

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