Yay! :)

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By: asdf
2009-02-19 22:14:57

What Others Think

Bad command.
Sindacious · 702 weeks and 6 days ago
Sad that people are still posting obvious fork bombs.
ozymandias · 702 weeks and 6 days ago
Good that any decent admin is immune to this.
ozymandias · 702 weeks and 6 days ago
Yeah, feel bad for anyone that uses this without knowing what it does.
Sindacious · 702 weeks and 6 days ago
can you contain a fork bomb from bash once you start it?
afithian · 702 weeks and 6 days ago
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fork_bomb Straight from wikipedia - most kernels nowadays should be relatively immune... this is kinda cool though: One important "feature" in this code means that a fork bomb process which can no longer fork doesn't stick around but rather exits. If we try often enough, eventually we'll start a new do-nothing process; Each new do-nothing process we run reduces the number of rampant "fork bomb" processes by one, until eventually we can eradicate all of them, at which point the do-nothing processes can exit. The following short Z Shell code will typically get rid of the above fork bomb in about a minute: while (sleep 100 &!) do; done Alternatively, stopping (?freezing?) the bomb's processes can be used so that a subsequent kill(8)/killall(8) [this is Linux's killall - do not use on BSD/Solaris] can terminate them without any of the parts re-replicating due to newly available process slots: killall -STOP processWithBombName killall -KILL processWithBombName
jlin64 · 702 weeks and 6 days ago
On Solaris you can use pkill. pkill -STOP -x processWithBombName pkill -KILL -x processWithBombName The -x specifies an exact command line match; otherwise it matches a regex against the full process argument string.
jsiren · 702 weeks and 5 days ago
How do these go in a virtual machine?
Buzzcp · 695 weeks and 4 days ago
on linux: pkill -9 -u user maybe this could work too pkill -9 -f bash
ioggstream · 684 weeks and 1 day ago
I really hate this command!!!
leavittx · 679 weeks and 3 days ago
Such an evil command, that can just look like a bunch of smilies to those not familier with *nix, it looks just so innocent.
Chartreuse · 639 weeks and 4 days ago

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