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May 19, 2015 - A Look At The New Commandlinefu
I've put together a short writeup on what kind of newness you can expect from the next iteration of clfu. Check it out here.
March 2, 2015 - New Management
I'm Jon, I'll be maintaining and improving clfu. Thanks to David for building such a great resource!

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Wow, didn't really expect you to read this far down. The latest iteration of the site is in open beta. It's a gentle open beta-- not in prime-time just yet. It's being hosted over at UpGuard (link) and you are more than welcome to give it a shot. Couple things:

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Your feedback is appreciated via the form on the beta page. Thanks! -Jon & CLFU Team

Format partition with ext4 but without a journal

Terminal - Format partition with ext4 but without a journal
mke2fs -t ext4 -O ^has_journal /dev/sdXN
2013-02-15 17:24:02
User: michelsberg
Functions: mke2fs
Format partition with ext4 but without a journal

For slow flash memory (cheap thumb drive), ext4 is the fastest stable file system for all use cases with no relevant exception:


Since we can usually dispense with the benefits of a journal for this type of storage, this is a way to achieve the least awful I/O-speed.

Disabling the journal for an existing ext4 partition can be achieved using

tune2fs -O ^has_journal /dev/sdXN

Note that it is often recommended to format removable flash media with ext2, due to the lack of a journal. ext4 has many advantages over ext2 even without the journal, with much better speed as one of the consequences. So the only usecase for ext2 would be compatibility with very old software.


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