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32 bits or 64 bits?

Terminal - 32 bits or 64 bits?
getconf LONG_BIT
2009-08-08 21:22:19
User: caiosba
Functions: getconf
32 bits or 64 bits?

Easy and direct way to find this out.


There are 8 alternatives - vote for the best!

Terminal - Alternatives
getconf LONG_BIT
2012-12-12 23:51:51
User: varghjarta
Functions: getconf

Needed a quick way to see if my server distro that I setup years ago was running 32bit or not, since with time I had forgotten.

Note: does not check _hardware_ e.g. /proc/cpuinfo but rather the kernel installed

sudo lshw -C cpu|grep width
grep -q '\<lm\>' /proc/cpuinfo && echo 64 bits || echo 32 bits
2013-02-09 13:01:36
User: sputnick
Functions: echo grep

This command tell you if your hardware is 32 or 64 bits even if you install a 32bits OS on a 64 bits hardware.

If your distro don't support the -q switch, try doing :

grep &>/dev/null '\<lm\>' /proc/cpuinfo && echo 64 bits || echo 32 bits
isainfo -v
2013-01-04 03:07:28
User: halcyonblue

This is likely only valid on Solaris based systems. Unfortunately a lot of the more universal techniques for determining if a system is 32bit or 64bit on x86 solaris fail to give much more information than "i86pc"

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What others think

Does this return the system's capability or merely its current configuration? I ask because on the new box I recently built to learn with, it reported only 32-bit but I assume it's be 64-bit-capable. (I know this also depends on what version of the OS I installed so I'll do a little more digging on that too since I don't remember offhand.)

Comment by bithaze 388 weeks and 3 days ago

I've run this command on many different systems including Linux, SunOS, etc, and it works great. I've yet to find a POSIX based system it doesn't work on.

I just saw the alternative, 'arch' command and that seems to work good too, but that will output x86 or x86_64 not an integer with the number of bits.

As for looking at /proc/cpuinfo, that will just tell you what your processor is capable of. A lot of times, you'll find a system that is running a 32 bit OS but has a 64 bit processor. So, I would avoid getting details on the processor itself if what you really want to know what your OS is supporting. I suspect that some of the other alternatives might just be checking CPU hardware and not the OS.

I'll stick with getconf LONG_BIT, although now that I know the arch command exists, I'll see if it works on all POSIX systems like the getconf LONG_BIT command seems to.

Comment by sonic 82 weeks ago

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Comment by stephanieg915 3 days ago

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