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May 19, 2015 - A Look At The New Commandlinefu
I've put together a short writeup on what kind of newness you can expect from the next iteration of clfu. Check it out here.
March 2, 2015 - New Management
I'm Jon, I'll be maintaining and improving clfu. Thanks to David for building such a great resource!

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Psst. Open beta.

Wow, didn't really expect you to read this far down. The latest iteration of the site is in open beta. It's a gentle open beta-- not in prime-time just yet. It's being hosted over at UpGuard (link) and you are more than welcome to give it a shot. Couple things:

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Your feedback is appreciated via the form on the beta page. Thanks! -Jon & CLFU Team

find files in a date range

Terminal - find files in a date range
find . -type f -newermt "2010-01-01" ! -newermt "2010-06-01"
2011-06-26 09:52:26
User: flatcap
Functions: find
find files in a date range

Find files in a specific date range - in this case, the first half of last year.

-newermt = modification time of the file is more recent than this date

GNU find allows any date specfication that GNU date would accept, e.g.

find . -type f -newermt "3 years ago" ! -newermt "2 years ago"


find . -type f -newermt "last monday"


There is 1 alternative - vote for the best!

Terminal - Alternatives
find /path/to/somewhere -newermt "Jan 1"
2014-02-02 18:02:07
User: renich
Functions: find
Tags: find

This command uses -newerXY to show you the files that are modified since a specific date. I recommend looking for "-newerXY" on the manpage to get the specifics.

touch -t 201001010000 begin; touch -t 201012312359.59 end; find . -newer begin -a ! -newer end
2011-06-22 20:09:05
Functions: find touch
Tags: find dates touch

Example above will recursively find files in current directory created/modified in 2010.

find . -cnewer <file a> -and ! -cnewer <file b>
2012-08-15 21:57:42
User: rdc
Functions: find
Tags: find

This command finds all the files whose status has changed between the ctime of the older and newer .

Very useful if you can see from an ls listing a block of consecutive files you want to move or delete, but can't figure out exactly the time range by date.

touch -t 197001010000 ./tmp && find . -newer ./tmp && rm -f ./tmp
2014-11-18 00:29:26
User: sergeylukin
Functions: find rm touch

Sometimes you just want to operate on files that were created after specific date. This command consists of 3 commands:

- Create a dummy file with the custom date

- Find all files with "creation time" further than our custom date by using `-newer` find option. Add your crazy stuff here, like moving, deleting, printing, etc.

- Remove the dummy file

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