Leave a comment when voting down..

if [ "${vote}" = "down" ]; then echo leave comment; fi
I think it would be wise if anyone voting down left a comment indicating the reason for that action. Don't keep it to yourself. Thanks.
Sample Output
I voted down because <reason_for_voting_down>

2009-03-20 00:31:13

What Others Think

Let me be the first to vote it down then. 1) This site is not for political step stools for your opinions. 2) This site is built as a repository of those golden commands that only the gurus know, but are willing to share. 3) Your command is not syntactically correct. You forgot your semicolon. 4) Backticks suck. $() is the way of the Jedi. 5) Leave isn't installed on my system.
atoponce · 630 weeks and 4 days ago
Focus your energies on getting the site developers to implement tags,categories, intended audience, etc and this thing could explode (Rails, VI, IOS, EMACS, Shell, SQL, jquery, etc, etc)
vaporub · 630 weeks and 3 days ago
Good call, koukos (shame about the syntax :-) Fortunately, most of the people likely to vote down will have read your comment.
flatcap · 630 weeks and 3 days ago
Syntax errors! :-) Need a space after the "[", before the "]", and a ";" after the "]". Also, it's better to place variables in ${} and quotes. The ${vote} should be quoted "${vote}" in case it is NULL (or an empty string). Use $() instead of `` because backticks are hard to read while $() can be nested (if needed). However, the `leave comment` here is an error because it would be replaced by the result of executing "leave command" which was probably not intended. if [ "${vote}" = "down" ]; then echo leave comment; fi I agree it may be instructive if people leave comments but I also think it is better that they are free not to leave comments if they do not wish to. if [ "${vote}" = "down" ]; then echo leave downer comment; else echo leave jolly rantings; fi
mpb · 630 weeks and 3 days ago
hahaha, I think writing the command wrong did the trick :P I don't think I'm forcing anyone to write comments, I think I was polite enough and tried to move them to do so.
JesusSuperstar · 630 weeks and 3 days ago
atoponce: Thanks to you, I wish there was an option to vote comments up.
cards · 630 weeks and 3 days ago

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