Display a File with Line Number

nl filename | more
The nl command lists the contents of a file where is each line is prefixed by a line number. For more information about this command, check out its man page. I tested under Mac OS X and Xubuntu 9.04

By: haivu
2009-05-04 07:35:16

What Others Think

You can also use "cat -n filename"
felix001 · 649 weeks and 5 days ago
Much easier just to use "less -N". -N can also be turned off and on while in an existing less session.
sevrinsky · 649 weeks and 5 days ago
The best feature to nl in my opinion is that you can give it a regex to only number certain lines with the -p option. I often use nl when I want to number some lines of text that I am editing in vim. Here's how to use nl to do that: select the lines of text you want to number, and in command ':' mode enter '! nl' and the vim command line will look like this: :'<,'>! nl the exclamation point tells vim to filter the selection through the following shell command, which is 'nl' in this case.
bwoodacre · 649 weeks and 4 days ago
Display a file with line number, Is you guys think display numbers is necessary? Those who think it is then i change the server for that guy. So now choose superiorpapers and other is depend on you how can you take that whole and change according to you.
Bennyeeves · 25 weeks and 4 days ago

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