convert wav files to flac

flac --best *.wav
cd to the folder containing the wav files, then convert them all to flac. yeah baby! in ubuntu, to get the flac program just: sudo apt-get install flac flac file input formats are wav, aiff, raw, flac, oga and ogg
Sample Output
nick@mylaptop:~/music/ams$ flac --best *.wav

flac 1.2.1, Copyright (C) 2000,2001,2002,2003,2004,2005,2006,2007  Josh Coalson
flac comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.  This is free software, and you are
welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions.  Type `flac' for details.

20091111_binaural_beats_sine_alpha_10.3Hz.wav: wrote 1925701 bytes, ratio=0.177
20091111_binaural_beats_sine_beta_26Hz.wav: wrote 1925211 bytes, ratio=0.177

By: nickleus
2009-11-11 14:17:24

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