Determining the excat memory usages by certain PID

pmap -d <<pid>>
this command gives you the total number of memory usuage and open files by the perticuler PID.
Sample Output
00007f1a55e86000      4K      4K      0K      4K r--p 000000000001d000 08:02  /lib64/
00007f1a55e87000      4K      4K      4K      4K rw-p 000000000001e000 08:02  /lib64/
00007f1a55e88000    392K    264K      5K      0K r-xp 0000000000000000 08:02  /usr/sbin/httpd2-prefork
00007f1a560e9000      8K      8K      0K      8K r--p 0000000000061000 08:02  /usr/sbin/httpd2-prefork
00007f1a560eb000     12K     12K      8K     12K rw-p 0000000000063000 08:02  /usr/sbin/httpd2-prefork
00007f1a560ee000   8540K   8208K   6564K   8208K rw-p 00007f1a560ee000 00:00  [heap]
00007fff5decb000    124K    124K    124K    124K rw-p 00007ffffffe0000 00:00  [stack]
00007fff5dffe000      8K      4K      0K      0K r-xp 00007fff5dffe000 00:00  [vdso]
ffffffffff600000      4K      0K      0K      0K r-xp 0000000000000000 00:00  [vsyscall]
Total:           411136K  45916K   7838K  18240K

10188K writable-private, 232120K readonly-private, 168828K shared, and 44152K referenced

By: r00t4u
2009-12-06 05:34:46

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