A better 'apt-cache' using Xapian to rank results

axi-cache search <searchterm>
A replacement for 'apt-cache' that uses a Xapian to produce ranked results. Available in 'apt-xapian-index' 0.27 and higher.
Sample Output
29 results found.
Results 1-20:
100% xapian-tools - Basic tools for Xapian search engine library
97% apt-xapian-index - maintenance tools for a Xapian index of Debian packages
92% php5-xapian - Xapian search engine interface for PHP5
92% python-xapian - Xapian search engine interface for Python
90% libsearch-xapian-perl - Perl bindings for the Xapian search library
89% libxapian-ruby1.9.1 - Xapian search engine interface for Ruby 1.9.1
89% libxapian-ruby1.8 - Xapian search engine interface for Ruby 1.8
88% tclxapian - Xapian search engine interface for Tcl
88% xapian-examples - Xapian simple example programs
88% xapian-omega - CGI search interface and indexers using Xapian
87% xapian-doc - Core Xapian documentation
82% python-django-djapian - Search API for Django using Xapian
81% libxapian22-dbg - Debugging symbols for the Xapian Search engine library
81% libxapian15-dbg - Debugging symbols for the Xapian Search engine library
80% libxapian-dev - Development files for Xapian search engine library
78% ept-cache - Commandline tool to search the package archive
75% libept1 - High-level library for managing Debian package information
75% libept0 - High-level library for managing Debian package information
74% libept-dev - High-level library for managing Debian package information
73% python-xappy - easy-to-use interface to the Xapian search engine
More terms: search searching indexing probabilistic stemming collections ranked
More tags: web::search-engine use::searching implemented-in::c++ works-with::text works-with-format::plaintext works-with::software:package suite::debian
`axi-cache more' will give more results

2010-07-05 00:16:03

These Might Interest You

  • This will take the packages matching a given `apt-cache search` query (a collection of AND'd words or regexps) and tell you how popular they are. This is particularly nice for those times you have to figure out which solution to use for e.g. a PDF reader or a VNC client. Substitute "ubuntu.com" for "debian.org" if you want this to use Ubuntu's data instead. Everything else will work perfectly. Show Sample Output

    apt-popcon() { (echo \#rank; apt-cache search "$@" |awk '$1 !~ /^lib/ {print " "$1" "}') |grep -Ff- <(wget -qqO- http://popcon.debian.org/by_inst.gz |gunzip); }
    adamhotep · 2012-09-08 00:29:31 0
  • possible options: * Varnish * Squid in reverse proxy mode * Django's cache framework * rack-cache * or CDN, like Akamai

    response.headers['Cache-Control'] = 'public, max-age=60';
    evandrix · 2011-07-11 23:35:36 1
  • In this case, linux- is the prefix; simply running apt-cache pkgnames would list every package APT knows about. The default APT config assumes -g, --generate; to use the cache as/is, you could similarly run: apt-cache --no-generate pkgnames [prefix] Adding --all-names, like so: apt-cache --no-generate --all-names pkgnames [prefix] would print all the packages APT knows about, using the cache as/is, including virtual packages and missing dependencies. This command was shamelessly stolen from the apt-cache(8) man-page. Show Sample Output

    apt-cache pkgnames linux-
    benjabean1 · 2014-12-14 06:48:57 0
  • Shows all configurations to apt and dpkg, rarely changed, you probably still have the default configuration. Go ahead and explore your configuration if you dare, perhaps change your apt-cache directory, Dir::Cache "var/cache/apt/"; or the names of the log files. Show Sample Output

    apt-config dump
    LinuxMan · 2011-12-13 19:11:02 1

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