Print stack trace of a core file without needing to enter gdb interactively

gdb --batch --quiet -ex "thread apply all bt full" -ex "quit" ${exe} ${corefile}
This does almost the same thing as the original, but it runs the full backtrace for _all_ the threads, which is pretty important when reporting a crash for a multithreaded software, since more often than not, the signal handler is executed in a different thread than the crash happened.

By: Flameeyes
2010-07-06 14:49:03

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Hello, I want store the 2 macros output into a string file. how to do that ? coregdb --batch --quit -ex "bt" -ex "quit" "/x/eng/cs-cores1/bug/xx/xx/xxxx/xxxx/xxx.92242.536944628.2018-02-01.21_09_04.ucore.bz2" I want to store the output of panicString and backtrace(bt) in a string using perl script how to do that ??
srinivasng · 232 weeks ago
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