Destroy all unmapped Brightbox Cloud IPs

for ip in `brightbox-cloudips list |grep unmapped|awk '{ print $1}'`;do brightbox-cloudips destroy $ip;done

By: rubiojr
2011-08-17 11:49:47

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  • You need to have Brightbox Cloud CLI tools installed Show Sample Output

    for server in `brightbox-servers list |grep active|awk '{ print $1}'`;do brightbox-servers destroy $server;done
    rubiojr · 2011-08-17 11:47:32 0

  • 0
    zfs list -H -o name -t snapshot | xargs -n1 -t zfs destroy
    Isaldas · 2014-01-16 23:43:30 0
  • Google Cloud SDK comes with a package manager `gcloud components` but it needs a bit of `sed` to work. Modify the "^| Not" bit to change the package selection. (The gcloud --format option is currently broken) Show Sample Output

    gcloud components list | grep "^| Not" | sed "s/|\(.*\)|\(.*\)|\(.*\)|/\2/" | xargs echo gcloud components update
    wires · 2014-10-13 20:52:25 0
  • The easiest way to sync a local directory to Rackspace cloud files is through the console tools provided by the openstack/swift project. On ubuntu, the tools can be installed with apt-get install python-swiftclient Then, assuming you are in the directory you want to upload, run the following command in the terminal: This will recursively upload the files from your current directory to the container, saving time by uploading only changed files. You need to supply the you use to log in to the Cloud Control Panel and the available under Account / Account Settings in the same control panel. Attention: If you use relative or absolute paths, swift will upload them with the pseudo-path provided on the command line into the container. So if instead of syncing . you sync /var/www/test, then files will end up under /var/www/test pseudo-path of the container - most likely, this is not what you want.

    swift -A -U <username> -K <api-key> upload <containername> . --changed
    nchatu · 2017-03-03 12:02:57 0

What Others Think

search-fu "brightbox-cloudips" . I'm not going to downvote, but damn, the OP sure could have spend a moment to explain WTF is going on.
unixmonkey365 · 356 weeks and 6 days ago

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