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What's this? is the place to record those command-line gems that you return to again and again. That way others can gain from your CLI wisdom and you from theirs too. All commands can be commented on, discussed and voted up or down.

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Erase a word

Tomas Berdych: A very talented Czech, who can beat the bests in business on any given day - Tomas Berdych secured his berth in the last eight only at that prestigious event after making it to the quarter-finals of the Paris Masters. The Czech earned his only ATP title this year in Beijing last month. Earlier in 2010, Berdych reached the quarter-finals of the Aussie Open but didn't repeat his last year's feat at Wimbledon and lost to Mardy Fish in the fourth round. Berdych features a good 52-21 wIn-loss record this year. He qualified for the ATP World Tour Finals for the very first time this past year, but didn't move-beyond the round-robin go. Group B: Rafael Nadal: World No. 2 Rafael Nadal is positioned at the the surface of the Group-B. The Spaniard had an excellent operate on tour this past year, but he failed to carry on in the exact same manner in 2011. Nadal is badly tormented by Novak Djokovic in 2011 as he's lost six finals to the Serbian in the new season. Consequently, the Spaniard was dropped to No. 2 in the ATP World Rankings. Nadal claimed his record-equalling sixth Roland Garros title earlier in 2010, but failed to defend his Wimbledon and US Open titles. The Spaniard opted out of the Paris Masters because of an accident and he's expected to make a brilliant comeback in the 2011 ATP World Tour Finals. Nadal features a stellar 66-13 win-loss record for the summer season with 3 titles in his kitty. He finished as a runner-up in 2010 ATP World Tour Finals

quickly formats a fat partition. usefull for flash drives

Lookup hostname for IP address

connect via ssh using mac address
Connect to a machine running ssh using mac address by using the "arp" command

Install pip with Proxy
Installs pip packages defining a proxy

Which processes are listening on a specific port (e.g. port 80)
swap out "80" for your port of interest. Can use port number or named ports e.g. "http"

Write on the console without being registered

execute your commands hiding secret bits from history records
$ wget --user=username --password="$password" Instead of hiding commands entirely from history, I prefer to use "read" to put the password into a variable, and then use that variable in the commands instead of the password. Without the "-e" and "-s" it should work in any bourne-type shell, but the -s is what makes sure the password doesn't get echoed to the screen at all. (-e makes editing work a bit better)

Convert PNG to GIF
(relies on 'imagemagick') Convert all .png files to .gif. This can also go the other way if you reverse the file extensions in the command, e.g.: $ for file in *.gif; do convert "$file" "$(basename $file .gif).png"; done If the file is named 'example1.png' it will be named 'example1.gif' when it is complete.

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