Make 'less' behave like 'tail -f'.

less +F somelogfile
Using +F will put less in follow mode. This works similar to 'tail -f'. To stop scrolling, use the interrupt. Then you'll get the normal benefits of less (scroll, etc.). Pressing SHIFT-F will resume the 'tailling'.

By: adamm9
2009-02-19 14:33:46

What Others Think

just more confirmation that less is more
wwest4 · 675 weeks and 1 day ago
When using log files to troubleshoot, I like to use the following variation: less -W +F somelogfile Using -W highlights the first (unread) new line after any forward movement such as scrolling to the next page. Pressing SHIFT+CTRL+C (on windows) will put you back into normal mode Pressing SHIFT+F will resume the 'tailling' (as mentioned above) Pressing g will take you to the beginning of the file Pressing SHIFT+G will take you to the end of the file Pressing f will forward you one page Pressing b will take you back one page Pressing q will quit the program
wilmoore · 655 weeks and 1 day ago
Very nifty trick!
Karunamon · 530 weeks and 3 days ago
Alternatively, you can just type in a capital F at any point when using less. You don't have to start it with +F specified. Both ways are good, of course. :)
ZoeB · 423 weeks ago
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theronmad · 15 weeks and 1 day ago
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mark21 · 11 weeks ago
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MyrtoUzuni · 10 weeks and 5 days ago
seofox · 10 weeks ago

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