checksum a directory / files

tar -cf - file1 dir1/ dir2/ | md5sum
Doesn't create a file Make sure to list the files / directories in the same order every time.

2014-04-17 14:33:44

What Others Think

Unfortunately, the example you give won't work reliably. tar will add files in the order they're stored on disk, which is fs-specific and not guaranteed to be consistent -- sort is needed Secondly, because tar stores timestamps, etc, even two identical directories give different md5sums: mkdir p; touch p/{a..z}; cp -a p q tar cf - p | md5sum 60ee120aabc469256b32a3734d949cf8 - tar cf - q | md5sum dee4efea5367daf7e993f1ee8c46c1bc -
flatcap · 392 weeks and 6 days ago

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