Create higher quality gif from videos

ffgif() { p="fps=10,scale=${4:-320}:-1:flags=lanczos"; ffmpeg -y -ss ${2:-0} -t ${3:-0} -i "$1" -vf ${p},palettegen .p.png && ffmpeg -ss ${2:-0} -t ${3:-0} -i "$1" -i .p.png -filter_complex "${p}[x];[x][1:v]paletteuse" "${1%.*}".gif && rm .p.png; }
I had to compress it a bit to meet the 255 limit. See sample for full command (274) usage: ffgif foo.ext Supports 3 arguments (optional) ffgif filename seek_time time_duration scale ffgif foo 10 5 320 will seek 10 seconds in, convert for 5 seconds at a 320 scale. Default will convert whole video to gif at 320 scale. Inspiration -
Sample Output
ffgif() { ffmpeg -y -ss ${2:-0} -t ${3:-0} -i "$1" -vf fps=10,scale=${4:-320}:-1:flags=lanczos,palettegen .p.png && ffmpeg -ss ${2:-0} -t ${3:-0} -i "$1" -i .p.png -filter_complex "fps=10,scale=${4:-320}:-1:flags=lanczos[x];[x][1:v]paletteuse" "${1%.*}".gif; rm .p.png; }

2015-09-08 21:13:17

What Others Think

Script fails with no output.
m4r14n0ju · 326 weeks ago
This is a function, not a script. If you simply copied it to terminal, there shouldn't be any output. Thanks for the downvote
snipertyler · 326 weeks ago
So you make the ffgif function, then run ffgif myvideothatisntporn.mp4? What does the convert for 5 second part do? Give you an imagine for every frame and 5 seconds worth? Sorry I'm stuck at work with windoze and no access to legit access to use a server to render videos. Otherwise I'd test this myself. We obviously keep ffmpeg off our servers because we're not a multimedia company and we keep our installed packages minimal on all services within reason. That's the way to go for security, freeing up resources, etc.
sonic · 325 weeks and 5 days ago
@sonic if you examine the command, you'll see that $1 is the file, $2 is for -ss, $3 is for -t and $4 is for scale. Examine ffmpeg documentation for the meaning of each of those. By "recording for 5 seconds" it takes a video at (for example) 00:05:00, and ends recording at 00:05:05. It's also converting at 10 frames per second (probably adjustable by changing fps=10)
snipertyler · 325 weeks and 5 days ago
great that i found this forum. People here are great. Learned alot. Keep posting more
Killersmile · 36 weeks and 1 day ago

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