Alert on high ping to know if it's really laggy while playing

while :; do a=$(fping -e | grep -o '[0-9]+.[0-9]+'); [[ $a > 40 ]] && say "ping is $a"; sleep 3; done
Online games have pretty good lag compensation nowadays, Sometimes though, you really want to get some warning about your latency, e.g. while playing Diablo III in Hardcore mode, so you know when to carefully quit the game b/c your flatmate started downloading all his torrents at once. This is done on Darwin. On Linux/*nix you would need to find another suitable command instead of `say` to spell out your latency. And I used fping because it's a little bit easier to get the latency value needed. Something similar with our regular ping command could look like this: while :; do a=$(ping -c1 | grep -o 'time.*' | cut -d\= -f2 | cut -d\ -f1 | cut -b1-4); [[ $a > 40 ]] && say "ping is $a"; sleep 3; done

By: rxw
2015-09-21 02:14:02

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