Convert rich text on the clipboard to Markdown in OS X

osascript -e'get the clipboard as"RTF "'|sed 's/«data RTF //;s/»//'|xxd -r -p|textutil -convert html -stdin -stdout|pandoc -f html -t markdown_strict --no-wrap --atx-headers
This is useful for converting a piece of text from a browser or a PDF reader to Markdown. pbpaste -Prefer rtf no longer works for getting the rich text version of the clipboard. markdown_strict uses syntax without Pandoc extensions. --no-wrap disables hard wrapping and --atx-headers uses ATX headers instead of SETEX headers. You can also use osascript -e'get the clipboard as"HTML"'|sed 's/«data HTML//;s/»//'|xxd -r -p to get an HTML version of the clipboard which is included for text copied from a web view in applications like Safari and Chrome.

By: lri
2019-01-22 06:50:09

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DeniseChastain · 14 weeks and 2 days ago

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