Display Dilbert strip of the day

display http://dilbert.com$(curl -s dilbert.com|grep -Po '"\K/dyn/str_strip(/0+){4}/.*strip.[^\.]*\.gif')
Requires display. Corrected version thanks to sputnick and eightmillion user.

By: wizel
2009-12-05 19:35:27

What Others Think

Hi. Nice one. Can you explain the start of the perl regexp ? : (?<=") And at the end, the ( ) are not needed IMHO. Cheers, sputnick.
sputnick · 632 weeks and 3 days ago
Hi Sputnik, that's a positive lookbehind assertion. The regex only matches "/dyn/str_..." if it's preceded by a double quote character. By the way, wizel, that regex can be made shorter. This is what I would use: display http://dilbert.com$(curl -s dilbert.com|grep -Po '(?<=")/dyn/str_strip(/0+){4}/.*strip.gif')
eightmillion · 632 weeks and 3 days ago
thanks sightmillion, your're right. I was wondering what the Dilber site used to tag/identify the strip. So I opted for the "safest" approach, but thing your proposal works OK.
wizel · 632 weeks and 3 days ago
Thanks eightmillion. The website made changes. I have successfully tested : display http://www.dilbert.com/$(curl -s dilbert.com | grep -Po '(?<=")/dyn/str_strip(/0+){4}/.*strip.[^\.]+\.gif')
sputnick · 632 weeks and 3 days ago
Another way : display http://dilbert.com$(curl -s dilbert.com|grep -Po '"\K/dyn/str_strip(/0+){4}/.*strip.[^\.]*\.gif')
sputnick · 632 weeks and 3 days ago
sputnick, I've corrected with you version and added your name in the comments. If you don't feel OK, pls let me know.
wizel · 632 weeks and 2 days ago
And for your crontab : 30 08 * * 1-5 DISPLAY=:0 display http://dilbert.com$(curl -s dilbert.com | grep -Po '"\K/dyn/str_strip(/0+){4}/.*strip.[^\.]*\.gif') Like mine, you will have monday to friday the image shown on your desktop at 08:30 AM
sputnick · 632 weeks and 1 day ago
Here's one for Doonesbury. The regex is easier for this site: display -title 'Doonesbury' $(curl -s http://www.doonesbury.com/strip/dailydose/index.html | grep -Eow -m 1 'http://images.ucomics.com/comics/db/[0-9]{4}/db[0-9]{6}\.gif') The grep -w and -m 1 options are unnecessary but I thought might make it a bit more robust.
johnraff · 631 weeks and 6 days ago
This works on OSX open $(curl -s dilbert.com | grep -o 'http://dilbert.com/dyn/.*strip.gif')
neslob · 615 weeks and 5 days ago

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