Simple addicting bash game.

while $8;do read n;[ $n = "$l" ]&&c=$(($c+1))||c=0;echo $c;l=$n;done
hold period (or whatever character) and hit enter after a second. You need to make the next line of periods the same length as the previous line... score starts at 0 and increase each time length of line is same.

By: florian
2010-03-31 00:41:08

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  • Really bored during class so I made this... Basically, you hold period (or whatever) and hit enter after a second and you need to make the next line of periods the same length as the previous line... My record was 5 lines of the same length. It's best if you do it one handed with your pointer on period and ring on enter.

    count="1" ; while true ; do read next ; if [[ "$next" = "$last" ]] ; then count=$(($count+1)) ; echo "$count" ; else count="1" ; echo $count ; fi ; last="$next" ; done
    dabom · 2010-03-30 04:02:29 16

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