happened to find this not bad software to keep my files and folders safe! Even the free trial version has the fantastic functions to protect any private files from being seen by anyone except me. With it I can encrypt, hide or lock anything I want, amazin

tr '[A-Za-z]' '[N-ZA-Mn-za-m]'
I noticed some spammer posted an advertisement here for "not bad" encryption. Unfortunately, their software only runs under Microsoft Windows and fails to work from the commandline. My shell script improves upon those two aspects, with no loss in security, using the exact same "military-grade" encryption technology, which has the ultra-cool codename "ROT-13". For extra security, I recommend running ROT-13 twice.
Sample Output
Lrf, guvf vf n wbxr. Cyrnfr qba'g engr zr qbja.

By: hackerb9
2010-04-30 10:07:27

What Others Think

Nice! I was looking for some "not bad military-grade" encryption. Your ROT-13 sounds much better and more secure than the Wonderpets Unsafelock that the other guy is selling. Does your free trial version have "the fantastic functions to protect any private files from being seen by anyone except me"? That is a deal breaker right there, I need my fantastic functions! ;-)
cob05 · 599 weeks and 5 days ago
For starters what is a software development team? A great software development team should be able to drive innodàs from the inside out. Individuals within the software development team are creative, challenge each other, and have fun while there. He can take more info here. Needless to say, the team leader is always the same and has a strong personality that spreads throughout the team and the company.
Robinnes · 77 weeks and 2 days ago
Command linefu is a website that has information about their bad software which helps in file managing and others. You can check sales assistant to get more ways of technology. They have several functions to protect any private files from being seen by anyone. Join their website for more.
Nima1965 · 54 weeks and 4 days ago
Some software which is present on the internet can be very harmful for your device. As far as terraform vs cloudformation, there is no harm in having knowledge about these two. Go about your business as you please.
Tajsa · 22 weeks ago

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