Sort output by length of line

sortwc () { local L;while read -r L;do builtin printf "${#L}@%s\n" "$L";done|sort -n|sed -u 's/^[^@]*@//'; }
This provides a way to sort output based on the length of the line, so that shorter lines appear before longer lines. It's an addon to the sort that I've wanted for years, sometimes it's very useful. Taken from my
Sample Output
[32292:32291 0:1072] 04:08:37 Thu May 20 [ +1] /chroot/master
(1:1072)# locate .bash_profile|sortwc

These Might Interest You

  • If your wc does not have the -L option, you can use awk.

    awk '(length > n) {n = length} END {print n}'
    putnamhill · 2011-08-15 13:10:38 1
  • Find the length of the longest line of code in your files. Show Sample Output

    perl -ne 'push(@w, length); END {printf "%0d\n" , (sort({$b <=> $a} @w))[0]}' *.cpp
    asolkar · 2010-05-11 19:46:37 1
  • Take a file and ,."()?!;: give a list of all the words in order of increasing length. First of all use tr to map all alphabetic characters to lower case and also strip out any puntuation. A-Z become a-z ,."()?!;: all become \n (newline) I've ignored - (hyphen) and ' (apostrophe) because they occur in words. Next use bash to print the length ${#w} and the word Finally sort the list numerically (sort -n) and remove any duplicates (sort -u). Note: sort -nu performs strangely on this list. It outputs one word per length. Show Sample Output

    for w in $(tr 'A-Z ,."()?!;:' 'a-z\n' < sample.txt); do echo ${#w} $w; done | sort -u | sort -n
    flatcap · 2012-03-15 14:14:11 2
  • making it "sound" more "natural" language like -- additionally sorting the longest words alphabetically: this approach is using: * to get at all lines of input * post-"for" structure * short-circuit-or in sort: if the lengths are the same, then sort alphabetically otherwise don't even evaluate the right hand side of the or * -C sets all input and ouput channels to utf8

    perl -C -e 'print for sort { length $a <=> length $b or $a cmp $b } <>' < /usr/share/dict/words | tail
    dbr · 2011-10-20 01:43:25 3

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Have you a real use case for sorting by line length?
pixelbeat · 418 weeks and 2 days ago

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