autorun program when logon Windows XP

schtasks /create /sc onlogon /tn "Run prog" /tr prog.exe

By: kev
2011-09-11 10:44:24

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  • Pass the files path to finfo(), can be unix path, dos path, relative or absolute. The file is converted into an absolute nix path, then checked to see if it is in-fact a regular/existing file. Then converted into an absolute windows path and sent to "wmic". Then magic, you have windows file details right in the terminal. Uses: cygwin, cygpath, sed, and awk. Needs Windows WMI "wmic.exe" to be operational. The output is corrected for easy... finfo notepad.exe finfo "C:\windows\system32\notepad.exe" finfo /cygdrive/c/Windows/System32/notepad.exe finfo "/cygdrive/c/Program Files/notepad.exe" finfo ../notepad.exe Show Sample Output

    finfo() { [[ -f "$(cygpath "$@")" ]] || { echo "bad-file";return 1;}; echo "$(wmic datafile where name=\""$(echo "$(cygpath -wa "$@")"|sed 's/\\/\\\\/g')"\" get /value)"|sed 's/\r//g;s/^M$//;/^$/d'|awk -F"=" '{print $1"=""\033[1m"$2"\033[0m"}';}
    lowjax · 2013-12-30 07:47:41 0

  • -23
    type "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\VirusDefs\definfo.dat"
    chrisclymer · 2009-02-20 20:29:22 0
  • How to figure out what a program is doing. -tt detailed timestamps -f also strace any child processes -v be very verbose, even with common structures -o write output to file -s N capture up to N characters of strings, rather than abbreviating with ...

    strace -ttvfo /tmp/logfile -s 1024 program
    ryanchapman · 2013-07-06 08:19:29 0
  • Sometimes I want to use the mouse to move/copy/delete files. (I also sometimes feel like a nut, sometimes I don't.) This is for Windows 2000 and later, probably. Tested on Windows XP, cmd.exe. Show Sample Output

    explorer /e,.
    piyo · 2009-02-13 16:00:19 2

What Others Think

Which versions of Windows does this work on? This could be amazingly useful in batch scripts.
kaedenn · 350 weeks ago
Aha, answered my own question via MSDN: it's supported on XP and Server 2003, but that particular version lacks a number of features. Vista and 7 have them.
kaedenn · 350 weeks ago
I hope we see more MS-WIndows oneliners. God knows sysadmins have to maintain them.
Mozai · 349 weeks and 5 days ago
Download all the packs from sysinternals. Doing quite everything from my own console by wine/winexe + psexec et all.
netizen · 349 weeks and 5 days ago

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