Convert wma to mp3@128k

for f in *.wma; do ffmpeg -i "$f" -ab 128k "${f%.wma}.mp3" -ab 128K; done
Convert all wma to mp3@128k with ffmpeg into directory.

By: mrehqe
2011-11-25 17:48:26

What Others Think

Congratulations, you have just converted your music from one proprietary format into another, probably causing it to sound even worse due to transcoding issues. Also, it'll only work on DRM-free wma's which, I'm sad to say, are rare.
h3xx · 559 weeks ago
yes, I know, but my car audio can read only mp3. If you like ogg, just try: for f in *.wma; do ffmpeg -i "$f" -ab 128k "${f%.wma}.ogg" -ab 128K; done set -ab parameter how you like.
mrehqe · 558 weeks and 6 days ago
Nice, thanks! Just what I needed... Worked great on Mac OS X 10.8.2
SeanDeNigris · 504 weeks and 1 day ago
I'm new to bash and trying to get this to work recursively (presumably using find). I had tried just executing something like: find ./ -name '*.wma' -type f -print0 | xargs -0 -I f ffmpeg -i "$f" -ab 128k "${f%.wma}.mp3" -ab 128K but the one part that's not working is the string mod op when saving the new mp3 file with an mp3 rather than wma extension. It seems like my piped variable is treated differently than when $f was just an expanded variable. What am I doing wrong here and is there an overall better approach? tia
howarddierking · 501 weeks and 3 days ago

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